USB3.0 Data Transfer Box

Product ID: HB-7521

HB-7521 is a device that transfers data recorded in the dedicated SSD pack of 8K recoder/8K camcorder to any PC.
Easy set up by inserting the main unit's USB3.0 Type B connector into the USB3.0 slot mounted on your PC.
Freely operate using a dedicated GUI.


  • This unit uses a dedicated application to transfer data (Astro original compressed data) stored on an SSD pack (FD-7516, MM-210, MM-210A-1, etc.) to a recording device (SSD, HDD, etc.) connected to your PC.
    The transferred data is then converted to either HQX AVI/DPX/TIFF and saved.
  • Data can be transferred back from a PC connected recording device (SSD, HDD, etc.) to an SSD pack (FD-7516, MM-210, MM-210A-1, etc.) as well.
  • This is convenient for file transfer when on-location or in another place where access to your normal workstation is not available.

Power Requirements

12V DC support, Canon connector

Power Consumption

30W MAX (when SSD pack is inserted)

Operating Temperature Range


Operating Humidity Range

20 to 80% RH (No Condensation)


210(W)×96(H)×205(D)mm (Excluding Protrusions)


1.62kg (Excluding SSD pack)


Accessory CD (instruction manual, software), AC/DC adapter

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