New Product Release: 8K8K Multi-Purpose Camera AB-4838/AC-4837

The 8K8K Multi-Purpose Camera AB-4838/AC-4837 has officially been launched
With the highest resolution in our company’s history, it puts VR and high frame rate shooting in the palm of your hand

Astrodesign launched its first camera product, the 4K camera AH-4410-A, in 2011 and its first 8K camera product, the single plate super high definition camera AH-4800, in 2013. The newly released AB-4838/AC-4837 is our highest resolution video camera ever, at 8192×8192 pixels.

Advantages of the 8K8K Image Sensor

The square image sensor efficiently covers the image circle of a fisheye lens, making it ideal for VR shooting. It captures a wider range of vertical information compared to the conventional 16:9 resolution, allowing the camera to capture images with a greater sense of depth, including structures in the background and foreground.

Use as a High Frame Rate Camera

By limiting the driving range of the sensor, 8K4K 120p and 8K2K 240p images can be captured with this high frame rate camera. It can also be used to capture a wide range of fast-moving subjects, such as a racetrack or athletic field, for judgment or other purposes.