3G/HD-SDI Rasterizer

Product ID: HW-7069

HW-7069 is a rasterizer equipped with four channels of SDI input and SDI/DVI output and free layout for pictures, waveforms and vector scopes on the same screen. It supports 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI input and automatic format tracking.


  • Choice of the most suitable display monitor
  • Easy system configuration to fit your applicationMulti-input video on the same screen
  • Eliminate differences of individual monitors and minimize eye movement to view each videoSDI output
  • Connect to existing VTR and/or switcher

1. Displaying picture, waveform and vector scope of up to four channnels of input on the same screen

Existing system configuration

Sub control room

Camera color control with multiple independent monitors

Scene 2
Input channel of waveform monitor selected by switcher


-difficult to adjust color to support color difference of each monitor

-need large space for multiple monitors


-difficult to compare each input waveform

-need dedicated space for waveform monitor

-difficult to compare picture and waveform

Modified system with multi-input rasterizer, HW-7069

Sub control room

-Displaying picture, waveform and vector scope of up to four channels of input on the same screen 

-easy color adjustment using a single monitor

-high performance due to support of picture, waveform, and vector scope in one unit

-wide view area with 17-inch large screen

-portability in case of field service

2. Linking to CCU and/or switcher with RS-485 communication

Existing system configuration

Scene Camera and program name displayed by dedicated UMD


-need UMD in addition to monitors

-need to consider system configuration for connecting cable between UMD and monitors

Modified system with multi-input rasterizer, HW-7069

-UMD function included in rasterizer to display camera and program name

-CCU and/or switcher control available

-space saving

-Four input channels of UMD data via one RJ-45 cable for easier system configuration

3. Layout free screen configuration

-Free position, free size of picture, waveform, vector, etc

-Overlay of picture and waveform

-The number of layout preset up to 32

Utilizing appropriate layout according to each application makes the monitoring system configuration comfortable and efficient. Overlay makes it easy to confirm brightness and color.

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