Broadcast Backup Transmission System

Product ID: CB-5542

This device compresses the 204-byte MPEG-2TS (broadcast TS) band used in terrestrial digital broadcasting and transmits it over IP.
It is possible to back up the transmission line (STL) from the broadcasting station to the transmitting station with an IP line. By compressing the bandwidth, you can reduce the cost of the line.
In addition, since bi-directional transmission is possible, it can be used for the transmission of data during normal operation.


・Compresses the bandwidth of broadcast TS, transmits TS over IP, and constructs a backup system.
・Broadcast TS of approximately 32.5Mbps can be compressed to approximately 20Mbps.
・There is no degradation in picture or sound quality due to bandwidth compression.
・Transmission of clock information enables synchronized operation between transmitting and receiving devices.
・FSYNC output is supported.
・Since bi-directional transmission is possible with one transmitter and one receiver at a time, it can be used not only for emergency backup purposes, but also for transmission of data during normal operation.
・Supports IPv4/IPv6.
・Data can be transmitted to multiple locations at the same time.
・Supports redundant power supply.
・Remote operation/information acquisition is possible.



TS Input/Output



IP Input/Output


Supports RJ-45 (10BASE-T/100BASE-T/1000BASE-T) IPv4/v6


Supports RJ-45 (10BASE-T/100BASE-T/1000BASE-T) IPv4/v6

Synchronous Signal Input


Power Requirements

24V DC AC/DC adapter included (100-240V AC)

External Dimensions

88(H)mm×210(W)mm×300(D)mm 2Uハーフ(not including protrusions)

Operating Tempurature


Operating Humidity Range

20~80%RH(no condensations)

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