Multimedia Scan Converter

Product ID: MC-2087

MC-2087 is video composition / division device capable of 8K signal input and output.
It is possible to seamlessly input video signals, perform I / F conversion and scan conversion, composite video, and display cut-out display. Employing slot type input / output interface boards, it will always function with the latest standard connectors. Up to 16 lines for 8K signal input / output and up to 64 lines for 4K signal input / output can be processed. It is possible to support video over 16K by connecting multiple images. It is effective for simultaneously displaying multiple video materials on large-scale LED vision displays at horse race and racing facilities, on large-scale signage at commercial facilities, at disaster prevention offices or surveillance centers, board room meetings, etc.


・ Supports internal BUS video area【 8K × 2 screens】and can process 8K signal with Dot by Dot
・ Utilizes original zoom algorithm / motion adaptive IP conversion algorithm (10-bit arithmetic processing)
・ EOTF / OETF compatible
SDR⇔HDR conversion for each input channel
(Plan to support 3D LUT in the future) / ITU-R BT.709⇔ITU-R BT.2020 conversion
・ Supports high frame rate signals such as 4K120p
・ Input signal distribution function
・ KEY composition / fade composition function
・ Video rotation function (optional)
・ Web browser setting (can be set independently without the MC itself)
・ Simple monitoring image can be displayed on the front display
・ Multiple connection control
・ Case size: 4U / IF board: Up to 8 can be mounted
・ Replaceable fan unite / power unit

Interface Boards

・MC-2087-1S:12G/3G/HD-SDI Input board
・MC-2087-2S:12G/3G/HD-SDI Output board
・MC-2087-1H:HDMI2.1/2.0 Input board (To be released in January 2022)
・MC-2087-2H:HDMI2.1/2.0 Input board (To be released in January 2022)

Phase 2 and beyond
・DisplayPort1.4 I/O board
・IP I/O board

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