8K Camera Remote Controller

Product ID: RB-4816-2

A camera remote controller compatible with ASTRODESIGN’s 8K camera such as AA-4814-B and AB-4815. MENU screen can be called up from the remote control to HD OUT of the 8K camera. Basic operation of the 8K camera can be carried out by hand.

Compatible with lens remote
Iris, focus, and zoom can be adjusted with separate dial.
The most frequently used iris is large and located close to hand.
Compatible lenses: Fujifilm ZK series, Canon CN7

Adjust Gain, Shutter, CC filter, and ND filter
Parameters related to brightness, such as gain, shutter, and ND filter are adjustable.

Adjust White, Black R-gain, and B-gain
White and black R gain and B gain to adjust the color balance are adjustable by independent dial.

Three assignable buttons and four scene buttons
Implemented three assignable buttons that correspond to the buttons 1-3 of 8K camera.
Assigned functions can be operated from the remote control unit.
It also has four scene buttons, so you can save and recall settings that have been changed by lighting or shooting environment from the remote control.

* Need to select the cable depending on the camera or device to be connected.

Compatible Cameras

Direct Connection

Connection Through an Optical Transmitter Device

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