USB3.0 Data Transfer Box

Product ID: HB-7521

Transfer all of your recorded data from 8K recorders and 8K camcorders to your PC with the click of a button.

Easily carry out file transfer using a simple propritary software after connecting the transfer box by USB 3.0 to any PC.


・Using our proprietary software, your data (compressed using Astrodesign's own original method) can quickly and easily be transferred from inside an SSD pack (FD-7516, MM-210, MM-210A-1, etc.) to a recording device (SSD, HDD, etc.) connected to a PC all while converting the data to HQX AVI/DPX/TIFF.
・Can also easily transfer data from your PC or recording device (SSD, HDD, etc.) to an SSD pack (FD-7516, MM-210, MM-210A-1, etc.).
・This is convenient for transferring files when a well-equipped PC environment is not available, such as when shooting on location.



Power Requirements

Compatible with DC12V Cannon Connector

Power Consumption

30W MAX(with SSD pack inserted)

Operating Temperature Range


Storage Temperature Range

20~80%RH(no condensation)

External Dimensions

210(W)×96(H)×205(D)mm(excluding protrusions)


1.62kg(without SSD pack)

Supplied Items

Attached CD (instruction manual, software), AC/DC adapter

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