8K Camcorder 8C-B60A

Product ID: 8C-B60A

8K camcorder with integrated camera/recording unit that can capture, record, play back, and line-out 8K 60p images.

The 8K recording and recording system, which consists of a camera head (sensor unit), CCUs (Camera Control Unit, signal-processing unit), and a recorder (recording unit), is integrated into one unit to greatly reduce the size.
Grass Valley HQX Codec* also greatly improves the workflow.

It solves the conventional problems of slow, heavy, and enormous time at once, overturn the common sense of 8K video production.
Real-time output during shooting also supports 8K live distribution.
The shoulder-type design improves portability and accommodates a variety of shooting styles.

This camera is a product of Sharp Corporation.
ASTRODESIGN, Inc. is the sole distributor of camcorder sales in Japan.


High Resolution 8K
Equipped super 35mm CMOS image sensor 33 million pixels

Real-time recording
Uses Grass Valley HQX Codec to achieve 8K 60p YCbCr422 10bit real-time recording.
80 minutes of recording time in a dedicated memory pack (4TB).
Workflow supported by Grass Valley HQX Codec compliant editing system.

Uncompressed video output
8K 60p uncompressed video is output (12G-SDIx4) at the same time as recording, and 8K video production is also possible at live and concert venues, etc.
Supports playback output after recording.

High-speed data transfer
10GbE terminal on the camcorder body or the optional transfer box transfers the recorded material to the editing environment at high speed.

Human-friendly mechanism
Adopted shoulder-type housing design.
V-mount battery provides one-man operation during shooting.


Grass Valley HQX Codec * 
This is an editing codec used by broadcasting stations around the world that realizes high image quality, high-speed processing, and high-generation immunity (minimal video degradation when compressed and stretched repeatedly).It supports 10bit HD/4K/8K and supports frame sizes/rates, field orders, and pixel aspect ratios that are not captured in broadcasting formats, with the flexibility to be utilized in a variety of applications. A detailed description of Grass Valley HQX Codec can be found in the white paper below.






Image Sensor

Super 35mm equivalent single plate CMOS image sensor 24.576mm×13.824mm

Effective Pixels

About 33 million pixels

ADC bit depth


Built-in ND filter

Clear, 1/4ND, 1/16ND, 1/64ND

Lens mount

PL mount

Electronic shutter

1/24, 1/48, 1/50, 1/60, 1/100, 1/120, 1/240, 1/480, 1/960, 1/1920 Variable Shutter (1/24 sec. to 1/10000 sec.)

Frame Frequency

23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60Hz

Color filters

3200K, 4400K, 5900K (equipped with one-push auto white balance)


-3.0, +3, +6, +9, +12, +18dB

Gamma curve

HLG(Dynamic Range 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 2000%) Log Gamma

Color gamut

ITU-R BT.2020/709

I/O Pin



SDI output

BNC × 4 4K output: Quad link 3G-SDI, 4:2:2 2SI 8K output: Quad-link 12G-SDI, 4:2:2 2SI

BNC × 1 For HD WFM (with focus assist function) 1.5G-SDI 4:2:2 (gamma HLG/Log gamma compatible)

Analog audio input

AUDIO IN XRL 3-pin (concave) × 2 (phantom power available)

Microphone input

NIC IN XLR 5-pin (concave) × 1 (phantom power available)

VF output

HIROSE coaxial multi-pole pin (+12V 1A power supply/tally RG compatible)

MADI Audio

BNC × 1(28CH)


TC IN/OUT BNC × 1(TC IN/OUT switchable)

Genlock input

BNC × 1

Contact input/output (original specification)

10-pin × 1 (contact inputs × 4, contact outputs × 2, serial communication input/output × 1 each)

Lens Remote

12-pin × 1 (Lens serial interface Rev 1.03 compliant)

Headphone output

Stereo mini jack × 1

Speaker output


10Gb Ethernet

SFP + × 1

Recording Unit



SD card

SDHC × 1 (for Proxy recording and firmware update)


SSD Pack(MM-210)

Number of slots


Capturing time

40 minutes per 8K 60p: 100 minutes per 8K 24p (when 2TB SSD is used)

Video codec

Grass Valley HQX Codec (7680×4320 4:2:2 10bit)

Video compression rate

6Gbps@60p (approximately 1/7)

Audio Format

Linear PCM 24bit 48kHz 32CH

General Specifications



Power supply voltage

DC12 - 17V


V battery compatible

Weight (camera body only)

Weight (standard configuration)

Approx. 5kg Approx. 10kg

(Camera body: Approx. 5kg, Standard lens: Approx. 2.9kg)

Viewfinder: 1kg, Standard Battery: Approx. 1kg

External Dimensions

155(W)×188(H)×312(D)mm(Excluding Protrusions)

Power Consumption

Approx. 80W (when not recording)

Operating Temperature Range

0 to 40℃

Storage Temperature

-20 to +60℃

Minimum Continuous Operation Time

40 minutes or more (in standard configuration)




AC/DC adapter

130W 13V DC Out XLR4 Pin-Concave

MM-210 SSD pack


Instruction Manual


File Transfer Software

CD-ROM×1 Data-transfer software over 10GbE (when connected to a Pear to Pear) Data transfer software via the transfer box Win/Mac both supported

Peripheral Equipment (made by Astrodesign)

SSD pack for recording
Capable of capturing 40 minutes at 2TB and 80 minutes at 4TB (both 8K60p)

Transfer box
Connect a MM-210 and transfer files to a computer at high speed (SAS connection)

Viewfinder dedicated for 8C-B60A
Supports camera control function and HDR shooting

12-inch 4K LCD monitor
Supports Quadlink 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI input

A converter for 8K TV connection
8K60p 10bit 4:2:2 Quadlink 12G-SDI converted to HDMI2.0×4

An 8K recorder compatible with Quadlink 12G-SDI inputs and outputs
Use MM-210 as recording media


In millimeters

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