Chair Style Speaker “TamaTune”

Product ID: SA-1852

SA-1852 is a space saving chair-type speaker. 24 high-performance speakers are built into the inside of the shell. Place the SA-1852 in front of a large-screen 8K TV, and enjoy 8K broadcasting surrounded by immersive sound. You can experience not only 22.2ch audio, but also stereo and Dolby Atmos sound fields more realistically.

Connectable Devices

22.2ch Speaker Layout


External Dimensions



Approx. 139kg

Package Dimensions①


Package Dimensions②


Speaker Unit

Front L/R : 8cm 2-Way 8Ωmax.100W

Center : 8cm 2-Way 8Ωmax.100W×2 Virtual center regeneration system with left-right arrangement

Surround : 5cm 8Ωmax.100W×18

Woofer L/R : 16cm 8Ω max. 150W

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