Media Integrator

Product ID: MI-2100

・ Best application for video walls and security monitors for control rooms
・ User friendly operation by touch panel display on the unit
・ HDCP supported digital matrix switcher
・ Supports both analog and digital input interfaces
・ Supports scan conversion technology
・ Up to 68 channels of input and output in total.
・ Supports magnifying display to multi-monitors such as 9 (3x3) monitors (optional)
・ Displays four different sources are displayed in one monitor (optional)

Benefit of MI-2100

・ Save time during installation and adjustment
(1) Input source can be previewed by the front LCD before connecting output monitors.
(2) Internal test patterns are useful to check transmission problems.
(3) Another display’s EDID can be saved and simulated for pre-check.
(4) Users do not have to set output timing individually while using the Plug-and-Play function.
・ Save installation space and power
(1) By supporting various interfaces and scan conversion technology in one single unit, less space and power will be consumed.
・ Save maintenance time
(1) Embedded time code.
(2) Operation environment can be saved to a file.
・ Transmission interfaces are widely supported
(1) LAN, RS-232C-422, Parallel remote terminal
(2) External lock terminal to input master sync (BB, 1080i/59.94, 60Hz) to control output

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